India’s Best Skydiving Places for Skydivers

Skydiving Or Parachuting, Which Generates Excitement In The Mind Of Every Skydiver, Skydiving Is Still In Its Initial Stage In India But It Is Becoming The Center Of Attraction Among The People.

Skydiving Is A Type Of Exciting Adventure, In Skydiving, The Skydiver Is Dropped From A Height Of 1000 Feet To 15000 Feet Above The Ground Surface Through Helicopter, Ship Or Parachute, This Is Called “Free Call”. Want to Know about Travel Places in the World.

Nonetheless, Before Dropping Down, A Parachute Is Tied On The Back Of The Skydiver, Which Is Called A “Knapsack”, In This Backpack Only The Parachute Is Available.

While Skydiving, It Has To Be Opened After A Few Seconds After Falling Down From The Plane, For This A Special Training Is Given Before Skydiving.

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Couple Skydiving Is Considered To Be The Safest Skydiving In India Because In This Skydiving You Are Accompanied By A Trained Skydiver And He Controls The Parachute Completely.

In This Skydiving, The Instructor Jumps With You From A Ship Or Helicbopter Flying At An Altitude Of 10000 To 12000 Feet And Glides Together And Opens The Parachute At The Appropriate Time, So That You Can Enjoy The Adventurer’s Tension Free.

What is the cost of Tandem Jump Sky Diaries?

There May Be A Difference In The Rates Of Jump Skydiving Companies In India, But Overall Companies Provide This Facility In The Range Of 28 Thousand To 40 Thousand.

Static Line Skydiving Is A Great Adventurer, In This Skydiving, You Jump From A Height Of 15 100 Feet From The Airplane And Are Tied To The Airplane By A Rope, After Jumping From The Airplane, The Parachute Opens Automatically Between 3 To 5 Seconds. Go to Tourist Guide. com

This Is A Great Adventurer Diving But Before This Skydiving You Have To Take 5 Hours Of Rigorous Training.

What Is Static Line Jump Skydiving Price In India (Guide)?

The Price Of All The Companies In This Skydiving Is Different, But The Cost Of Doing This Skydiving Is Between 16000 To 24000 Rupees.

This Free Fall Is Considered The Most Difficult Skydiving In Skydiving Because It Does Not Have Any Support Rope With You Nor Does It Have Any Instructor With You.

The Most Exciting Thing In This Skydiving Is That You Have To Jump Yourself From The Plane From Such A Height And Open The Parachute On Your Own At The Appointed Time.

For This Wonderful Experience, You Are Given A Comprehensive Training By The Companies, Only After Completing This Training You Are Considered Eligible To Do Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving. This Facility Is Provided To You Only After Completing The Training.

Top 7 spots to go skydiving in India

  1. Disha Gujarat Skydiving
  2. Dhule Maharashtra Skydiving
  3. Mysore Karnataka Skydiving
  4. Aamby Valley Maharashtra Skydiving
  5. Narnaul Haryana Skydiving
  6. Aligarh Uttar Pradesh Skydiving
  7. Dhana Madhya Pradesh Skydiving
  8. Deesa Gujarat Skydiving

Deesa Gujarat Is A Very Important And Beautiful Place For Paragliding Enthusiasts In India.

Each of the Three Types Of Paragliding Take Place Here, The Direction Has Been Declared A Drop Zone By The Sports Authority Of Gujarat.

Different Types Of Camps And Competitions Have Been Organized Here For The Skydiving Lovers. Disha The Distance Of Gujarat Is 183 Kms From Ahmedabad While 103 Kms From Mount Abu And Only 12 Kms From Palampur.

Traveler Lovers Who Come To See And Visit The Beautiful Plains Of Mount Abu Often Come To Disha For Skydiving And Enjoy This Beautiful Adventurer.

Disha Skydiving Price | Tourist Package

  • Around ₹ 17000 For Static Line Jump Here
  • Around ₹34000 For Tandem Jam
  • For Accelerated Free Fall, An Amount Has To Be Deposited Around ₹ 37000

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However, It Is Worth Noting That Only Tandem Jump Skydiving Is Done In Dhule, Which Is Completed In 4 To 5 Hours, In Which 1 Hour To One And A Half Hours Of Short Training Is Also Done.

As In Tandem Skydiving, Jumping From A Height Of 10000 Feet Is Followed By A Free Fall Of About 30 To 35 Seconds In The Air, Which Is Very Thrilling, Followed By A Flight Time Of About 15 To 17 Minutes. Is |

What Is The Cost Of Dhule Maharashtra Skydiving?

Couple Jump Skydiving Is Done In Dhule Maharashtra Only And Its Fee Starts From Around 37500 .

Where To Contact For Booking?


Mysore Skydiving Karnataka

This Place Is Located At A Distance Of 145 Kms From Bangalore. The Most Important Thing About Mysore Skydiving Is That It Is Adequate And Suitable For Skydiving Most Of The Time Throughout The Year.

Because of Being Extremely Popular In India, Many Big Camps Have Also Been Organized At This Place From Time To Time.

What Is The Cost Of Mysore Skydiving?

Here Only Two Types Of Skydiving Are Done Tandem Jump And Accelerated Free Fall.

The Base Price Of Tandem Skydiving Starts From 35000 And The Accelerated Free Fall Price Ranges From Around 230000 To 2.5 Lakhs

Where To Contact For Booking In Mysore Skydiving?

For Booking In Mysore You Can Visit The Website Of Skydivers

Aamby Valley Maharashtra Skydiving

Encircled By Very Beautiful Hills And Lush Greenery, This Place Is Located At A Distance Of 105 Kilometers From Mumbai And Just 88 Kilometers From Pune.

Just Tandem Jump Facility Has Been Provided In Aamby Valley Skydiving, You Can Enjoy It A Lot In The Weekend, In Which You Have To Jump From A Height Of 10000 Feet.

Aside From This, You Can Also Take A Complete Package Of Skydiving In Ambe Valley, Which Is Of Full 1 Year, The Experience Of Skydiving Here Is Very Thrilling.

What Is The Fee For Sky Diving In Aamby Valley Maharashtra Tourism?

Skydiving Is Done Here 7 Days A Week From Monday To Sunday But Between Monday To Thursday The Base Price Starts From ₹ 25000 While From Friday To Sunday ₹ 30000 Is Charged Here.

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